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We all hope to have the perfect smile – but what does it really take to achieve this ambitious goal? While some dental techniques and services can improve your smile, the key to a PERFECT smile lies mostly in your daily oral hygiene routine. What does this ideal daily routine entail? Keep reading to find out! 

Use the Right Tools

We are all aware of the importance of daily brushing and flossing – but these habits are only as effective as the tools that you use! Many individuals believe that a firm-bristled toothbrush is the key to a bright white smile – this could not be further from the truth! A soft-bristled toothbrush will clean your teeth just as effectively while minimizing the damage often caused by firm bristles. 

In addition to choosing the right toothbrush, it is important to change your toothbrush regularly. You should be using a new toothbrush every three to four months – or as soon as your toothbrush begins to fray and show signs of wear. 

Brush Your Teeth Twice Daily

To maintain the PERFECT oral hygiene routine, you must brush your teeth twice each day! When you brush your teeth, set a timer for two minutes as this is the amount of time that it takes to brush thoroughly. Instead of using harsh back and forth motions, move your toothbrush in a soft circular motion – spending time to clean the surface area of each tooth.

Don’t Forget to Floss

You’re likely sick of hearing it by now – don’t forget to floss! This is not something that we say to annoy our patients. It is an important part of oral hygiene. Without flossing, you fail to clean a large percentage of the surface area of each tooth. Plaque, bacteria, and food particles become trapped between your teeth and can quickly cause decay. 

Use 18-21 inches of dental floss, gradually working your way down the length of the floss as you clean each tooth. This will prevent the transfer of plaque and bacteria as you work your way around your mouth. 

Avoid Harmful Dietary Habits

While it is not oftentimes thought of as part of your oral hygiene routine, your daily dietary habits can have a grave impact on your smile! To achieve a perfect oral hygiene routine, you must be dedicated to this goal throughout the day. 

Avoiding harmful dietary habits such as too much sugar, dark-colored beverages, or highly acidic foods will go a long way in improving your oral health! When you do decide to indulge, be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly to minimize the impact. 

Visit Your Dentist Twice Each Year

Finally, no matter how perfect your at-home oral hygiene routine is, nothing compares to professional dental cleaning. Visiting your dentist twice each year is the only way to truly clean your teeth and remove that pesky plaque. Additionally, these bi-annual appointments provide an opportunity to identify the early warning signs of disease or decay. 

Are you interested in achieving the smile of your dreams through a PERFECT oral hygiene routine? Be sure to ask your dental team for tips during your next visit! 

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